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The Company "in a nutshell": is all about you. 

It was created for you. 

From your ongoing input.

For You Users, provides an online (and ultimately, mobile) experience that is easier; more efficient, organized, and cohesive; less intrusive, more private, and family-friendly; and, most importantly, purely contextual.  This is because your "shopping, social, and sharing" experiences - activities we know consume 90% of your online and mobile time - are now organized according to your favorite topics and special interests (including your favorite "places") across a network of 1,500 unique sites.  These sites also feature many thousands of "vetted" merchants (and yes, all that commentary that accompanies the merchant links ... that's our take on product and performance, not that of the respective companies).  When it comes time to go "shopping" for products and services, think of as your "personal digital concierge" and "one-stop shop".  When you're looking to have a conversation, be it a quick "hi, how are you" or a more in-depth, topic-driven discussion, makes both options available to you.

For You Advertisers - both Global and Local, provides you with the optimal, contextual, and cohesive advertising solutions and media (ultimately, multi-media) placement options for which you have been asking. has been called "The Internet within The Internet".  It's also been called "The Encyclopedia to The Cloud".  We don't care what you call us ... as long as you remember to think of us when you "log-on" to Shop, Socialize, Make Your Opinions Known ... and Advertise!

We hope you enjoy and come back and see us again ... time and time again.

Always Remember...

U R unltd

Even More Importantly, Think...

I M unltd


We R unltd™!

Have Fun and Happy Exploring!

(P.S. As for us, we're already working on Mobile!  See you there real soon!)

For those of you who always prefer the longer version of the story:

Users:  You expressed (and continue to express) your opinions regarding what ingredients you said were missing from your collective online experiences and what you wanted to see in the mix when it comes to interacting online, specifically with regards to your "Shopping, Socializing, and Sharing" experiences.

Advertisers:  You've also spoken about your "pain" with regards to what you're missing and what you're looking for in the digital marketplace.

We listened.

We listened to you, the Users, when:

  • 91% of you repeatedly said you prefer to shop and socialize on sites geared to your special interests;
  • 70% of you said you bypass "paid" search results for "organic" results when looking for products and services online;
  • you talked about the unsatisfactory, often irrelevant, and quite possibly untrustworthy search results you get when looking for products and services because of the way online merchants manipulate the results to get to the top of the search rankings;
  • you talked about the inability to know what's a good product or service and what's not;
  • you talked about how cluttered and disorganized search results can be;
  • you said you feel overwhelmed by the mountains of information you encounter in the search results - much of it irrelevant - when making simple searches for specific products or services;
  • you talked about hating the "confusion, busyness, and noise" you experience when visiting sites that have way too much content and advertising on them - again, much of it irrelevant and out of context with what you're looking for;
  • you talked about the way ads - pop-ups, pop-unders, and the like - intrude upon your user experiences;
  • you talked about the "creepy" feeling you get from knowing your privacy is being compromised and your proprietary information and "online behavior and preferences" are being tracked and utilized by companies looking to achieve advertising revenues;
  • you expressed your frustration at knowing that the perfect answers to your searches might be buried below the 10 or 15 top-ranked entries that display in response to your respective searches;
  • you said you'd like a way to find those products and services that are buried in the search results ... way beyond those top-ranked results;
  • you said your "favorites" list of merchants, products, and services is getting too long and cumbersome to navigate for items purchased on a regular basis;
  • you said you were worried about whether the sites your children were frequenting were family-friendly; and
  • you said you'd like to find a way to "meet" like-minded folks online who share your interests and to also be able to get their feedback when you're looking to make purchases and you'd like to find a way to do it all on the same "topic-specific" sites ... again, sites geared to your specific and respective interests.


We listened to you, the Advertisers, when:

  • you were "screeching" for a solution to the online contextual advertising dilemma and wondering how to find perfectly targeted consumers;
  • you said you were unsure as to whether search engine campaigns were really successful or cost-effective because the costs were high and there were no reliable metrics ... you really had no way to make those determinations;
  • you said you were concerned about the potential for click fraud and the lack of accountability relative to search engine marketing;
  • you said you were concerned about finding a true and definitive way to determine the ROI for your search advertising efforts;
  • you said you were concerned about getting your products and services in front of users at the all-important "Point of Consumption";
  • you said you were discouraged about the trial and error process and ineffective ad targeting you were seeing;
  • you - especially those of you who have multiple, disparate product lines - said you were concerned about the inability to launch integrated and cohesive brand campaigns online and are frustrated by the segmented marketplace with which you continue to cope; and
  • you said you were concerned about the potential for adversarial relationships between you and your potential customers that could result from ongoing data mining and user tracking conducted on your behalf in efforts to produce targeted advertising solutions.

Yup, y'all said a whole lot.  Again, we listened long and hard.

In response, we created to serve as:

  • The Web's ... The Internet's ... really, The World's "Concierge"™,
  • The Web's ... The Internet's "One-Stop Shop"™; and
  • The Web's ... The Internet's ... The World's "Global and Local Advertising Showcase"™.

Users, you'll benefit from:

  • The Internet (and thus the Web) having been organized by all your favorite topics and destinations;
  • An experienced online Concierge that will deliver only "the best of the best" products and services in context and relevant to each of the respective topical sites on which they're displayed;
  • Knowing about and ultimately enjoying products and services that you probably wouldn't have otherwise found;
  • Knowing your proprietary information and online activity aren't being "mined" for purposes of targeted advertising;
  • Seeing no instrusive pop-up or under ads throughout the network;
  • Finding just the right product or service at the right time (when you're looking "to buy") in a place that makes contextual sense (not popping up when you're in the middle of "socializing"); and, maybe most importantly,
  • Finding like-minded folks that share your respective interests as a result of participating in the multiple social media options available.


BTW:  We're just getting started with regards to social media and e-commerce experiences.  Be on the lookout.

We're expecting that, ultimately, will not only be FOR YOU, but BY YOU!

At the end of the day, we, at, know that you spend 90% of your online time:

  • Browsing and Shopping
  • Socializing
  • Sharing
  • Playing a Game (or two)

Again, our goal is to make those activities:

  • Easier;
  • More Efficient and Hassle-free;
  • More Satisfying, Reliable, and Fun;
  • Family-friendly; and
  • More Private.

It's that simple!  There's nothing at that you don't already know how to do. 

You will find:

  • An unlimited universe of sites that speak to your special interests;
  • 1,000s of sites as well as 1,000s of merchants that have been vetted by us.  (We've done our best ... nothing is perfect ... but we trust that you'll encounter many wonderful merchants and shopping experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise!);
  • A potentially unlimited array of products ... new and old;
  • A great place to socialize and chat with old friends and make new ones with folks who share your interests;
  • A place to express and share your opinions on just about any topic ... or merchant - online or off (and we know you know how to do that!).

Advertisers ... we're here for you as well!

You'll benefit from:

  • Ready-made "Target Consumer Audiences" for your products and services;
  • Contextual showcasing of your products or services, be it one or many and varied;
  • Having your ads seen at the "Point of Consumption";
  • Integrated advertising campaigns and the boost they provide ... even if your product lines number in the 100s or 1,000s;
  • Cost-effective advertising;
  • Finally having access to reliable and comprehensive analytics so as to be able to better determine your ROI; and
  • Knowing your potential customers' privacy is not being compromised and their collective user experience is not being intruded upon as a result of your products being pushed at them when they least want to see them.

That's "the skinny" for those of you who always ask "WHY"?...



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