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Janet McGee Saunders
,’s Principal Founder and Chief Architect, is a serial entrepreneur with 30 plus years of experience designing, creating, and managing large record systems and data repositories; her first hands-on computer experience dates back to the mid-1970’s.  Janet also has extensive administrative and corporate “design and resolution thinking” experience; launched and run companies across multiple industries; and worked in and served as a "troubleshooting" management consultant to the business, industry, and healthcare sectors in various capacities.  A few of her proficiencies:  Quality Control; Systems and Information Flow Analysis and Design; Enterprise Architecture; and Corporate Branding, Image, and Identity.  Janet has also long been considered a national authority on matters of privacy.

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Dan Coutu,'s Chief Technology Officer and Lead Developer, is an expert "cutting edge" software engineer who has deployed and/or administered over 2,000 Internet Enterprises since 1981, including everything from large scale Web portals, custom-built database driven sites, and software and e-commerce platforms. His unique contributions: expertise in Business Systems and Enterprise Application Integration and the ability to finesse and wire together projects that other “experts” said couldn’t be done. He began his career at Digital Equipment, Corp.

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